Matt Belkin's Blog (Visits Vs. Unique Visitors)


March 24, 2006

When I find a blog I like or need, I nag the blogger to write it so it helps me even more. I know, selfish, selfish, selfish. Nonetheless, I nagged Instant Cognition to please include the entire post in the feed, and they did (thank you, Clint.) I nagged Jeffrey Eisenberg to please stop composing his blog in MSWord, because it creates gibberish characters in the feeds (and I don’t know if he got my email.) And I send email to, and publicly nagged Matt Belkin, the VP of Omniture Best Practices, asking him to please blog more often — once a quarter doesn’t cut it, I said. The last time I complained was yesterday (or Wed?) So I was delighted to see that Matt did a great post today on how to measure conversion rate – should you use visits or unique visitors?

Whether you are an Omniture customer or not, whether you know the difference between GetQueryParam and GetOutofJailFree – if you are interested in web analytics, Matt’s post is for you.