Big Brother And Analytics, Part II


April 1, 2006

After I wrote that post about Revealsite being Big Brother or maybe just being great software), Conversion Rater did a piece on it (thanks Pat), and then it was picked up by a blog in the Netherlands. My Dutch is a little rusty –shall I say nonexistent? — so I ran it through a translator and it said, or meant to say, I think, “Revealsite is not the only software that can do this.” So I started to look for another intrusive software package besides VisitorVille, which both blogs mentioned – and succeeded. However, you shouldn’t compare either VisitorVille or RevealSite to this newly discovered package – it’s on a whole different plane.

Today. April 1, I talked with Ariela Bertnsen from Denmark about her company, IntheClickOfTime, and its intrusive software. They are just in alpha and have a website holding page. IntheClickOfTime resolves all your IP User Strings into email addresses (so I can’t make fun of the investigative team on CSI Miami doing that anymore) and then automatically emails visitors as soon as they leave the site, asking them why they didn’t make a purchase or otherwise convert. The sample letter she showed me told visitors that they would only be allowed to visit the site one more time without converting, at which point their address would be “blocklisted” from the site. I asked Berntsen why they wrote that letter and created that capability. “Don’t come to my site if you aren’t going to spend your money,” she snapped. “Sites are not there for education or for price shopping – conversion is the name of the game.”