EMetrics Summit: Great Networking

April 23, 2006

I don’t often write, “And then I did this, and then I did that…” but I wanted to share all the cool things that happen at the eMetrics Summit in between the “scheduled” learning. Two months ago, in fact, I wrote Jim Sterne and asked him for more structured mentoring at the Summit but he wrote, it really happens by itself. And he was right:

This is what I achieve by being there:

  • I complained to the Google Analytics team that I have been on the waiting list since November and they gave me an invitation to GA.
  • I complained to Jeff Veen, formerly the CEO of MeasureMap and now a Google employee, that I have been on their waiting list since before the purchase. I had an invitation in my mailbox before I got home that night.
  • I dragged Matt Belkin, VP of Best Practices at Omniture, over to my computer and showed him my GetQueryParam G code and he showed me exactly what to do. (Now that’s Live Support!)
  • I talked to June Li from ClickInsight, who is part of the Toronto Usability Group and learned what I need to pay users who are testing a real estate web site. ($50/hour, give or take.)
  • I accidentally sat down next to the founder of Omniture (I was just looking for a shady seat), and he taught me how to install some very cool SiteCatalyst capability.
  • I met, in person, Akin Arikin and Clint Ivy and Ian Houston and Jim Novo and Jim Sterne and Eric Peterson and all sorts of other people whom I’ve been corresponding with or reading on the Web Analytics board but who never had faces before.

And just think, there were lectures too.

Robbin Steif