Google Sitemaps

May 16, 2006

In March, I wrote about Google Sitemaps, and pointed out that you can learn from the analytics that they give you. (Plus, if you have client side analytics, you don’t know when the crawlers come to visit, since client-side analytics don’t talk to the automated traffic. At the very least, you can learn when the Googlebot last visited from Sitemaps.)

As part of the Sitemap thing, it is nice to include a Sitemap so Google will do a better job of crawling your site. The downside is, Google’s xml conversion tools are not very user friendly. I made the mistake of sending the techies at a customer a note yesterday, “It’s easy! Just use Google’s little tools,” to which they replied, “If it’s so easy, you do it.”

So I found this tool,, that makes creating a sitemap in xml actually easy. You, too, can look like you know what you are doing in front of your boss and your customers when you use this free tool (or you can pay the $14.99 and get added functionality.)

Robbin Steif