Lead Generation Sites: Putting It All Together


June 20, 2006

Lead generation sites are different from e-commerce sites, obviously, because first the visitor converts to a suspect/prospect, and ultimate converts to a purchaser — maybe. So you can look at any set of KPIs you like, but I think that it always comes down to three measurements:

1) How much is each kind of lead generation conversion (the e-mail marketing registration, the demo download, etc.) worth to you? (Here’s the easier of the two posts I wrote on this topic. And now, here’s the harder one.)

2) Once you know which actions turn into sales, how do you convince visitors to take those actions more often? (So, this is a basic conversion blocking and tackling. Don’t hide your call to action. Slice and dice your conversion rate. Measure your bounce rate. Do some user testing.

3) Finally, figure out how much you can pay for the clicks that turn into leads

Robbin Steif