Increase Your Conversion Rate By 55%


June 22, 2006

Omniture just released a case study showing how Pegasus Associates increased their conversion rate by 55%. With help from LunaMetrics.

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You SiteCatalyst fans may be interested to know that Omniture has a “points” program whereby they give you a certain number of points for doing a case study, a press release, etc. You get to use the points to do SiteCatalyst training. Frankly, I think they should give their training away for free, since they know that the more intellegently the analyst uses the software, the happpier their customers are. But they didn’t ask my opinion and they charge upwards of $1000 for regional training (I haven’t even priced out their summit) so if you’re interested in their training, and you can get a case study through your legal department, go for it…