Google Subscribed Links


June 23, 2006

It’s getting harder and harder to talk to Google without talking in XML. A month ago, they rolled out their Google Co-op program. One part of it is Subscribed Links, and even though the description and the how-to’s are terribly written, I slogged my way through it (without any help from any XML gurus.) I hope you will try it too.

I created Subscribed Links in static mode. So if you subscribe to me by clicking here and then click on the big SUBSCRIBE button, on the left side of the screen, you’ll be able to pull up my Links every time you type in “conversion rate.” You’ll see this in Google, right under the top sponsored link:

Alternatively, if you love reference distributions, you can subscribe to one
of my customers, an embedded Linux development tools company, by clicking here and doing the same routine.

It’s good for the ego, but will be better for subscribers once I get the dynamic version working, that pulls up multiple options for many keywords. In the meantime, here’s how you do it yourself, although this is just one way, and there are lots of options available:

Copy this into a NotePad (Mac users, help me out and tell me what works on the Mac):

<authorinfo description="Description (which doesn't seem to show up anywhere)" author="Firstname Lastname">
<resultspec id="InfoMatch">
<query>your search term goes here</query>
<output name="title">This will be the title of your little green co-op search</output>
<output name="more_url"></output>

<Output name=”link1″>First Anchor link text</Output>
<Output name=”url1″></Output&gt;
<output name=”link2″>Second Anchor Link text</output>
<output name=”url2″></output&gt;
<output name=”link3″>Third Anchor Link Text</output>
<output name=”url3″></output&gt;


Save it to your desktop as anyname.xml. Then follow the directions at the Google Subscribed Links site.

And many thanks to Clint (again), who helps with every kind of visualization one could need.

Robbin Steif