Merchandising For Your Site: More On Things You Shouldn't Write


June 26, 2006

I linked a debit card to my PayPal account and then tried to use it. They let me use it but sent me semi-threatening messages (which I can’t get exactly right since I don’t have them in front of me.)

Are you sure you don’t want to use your bank account instead of a debit card?
When you use your bank account, your information is always private. We never
charge you. [And there was a third “benefit” to using my bank account.]

Does that mean that when I fund my payments with my debit card, they give it to the third party? Since I was sending money to a pal, I sincerely doubt they gave him my credit card info. (They might, however, have charged me for the privilege.) This is the same issue I wrote about two days ago – when you pull out certain benefits for certain products and don’t mention them for other products, you create doubt in the customer’s mind about whether those benefits apply to all your products.