More Thoughts On Lousy Website Buttons


July 27, 2006

I really want to spend more money with a pay per click engine that caters specifically to the techiest of techie markets. But I can’t (or at least, haven’t so far) because I am scared that the button I push will kill all my current work instead of letting me spend more money.

Although this isn’t Google or Yahoo or any well-known engine, it’s the same concept. So, imagine that you’ve got lots of Ad Groups and campaigns and keywords set up, you’re spending money, you’re doing well, and you want to push the envelope a little. And then the website gives you these two choices when you try to expand your campaign to areas that they suggest:

Maybe they are saying, add these new purchases to similar categories? Add them as completely new? Finally I gather up the courage to actually click on one of these buttons and sit and watch the screen do … nothing. At this point I think, Oh, it’s definitely deleting all my work, so I hit the back button and log out and at least my successful campaigns are still successful.

Sometimes, it’s really hard to spend money.

Robbin Steif