EMetrics Summit (and Help/advice Needed)

August 5, 2006

Well, the e-Metrics summit is coming and I have two interests:

1) When I saw that Tim Seward from ROI Revolution posted about attending the Summit, I thought, “Gosh, I wish he or Justin would do a session on GA.” The speakers are all chosen but if a few people are interested, I think we can pull together a table at lunch one day where Tim (and Justin? Justin is on vacation so I don’t know what he’s up to) will speak. I’d like to learn more about Regular Expressions but maybe I’m in the minority. Send me email and tell me if you are interested and what topic you’d like to hear about. Steif at LunaMetrics or just comment on this post if you are interested, and I’ll write them both.

2) Speaking of speaking, I am speaking on Marketing for IT types. To me, marketing is trivial and IT is hard. So if you’re a techie, you must know everything, right? But no one knows everything and so I am dying to find out what kinds of things that techies would like to learn about web analytics marketing. It can be technique or it can be Organizational Behavior (like, “Why are marketers so stupid? Why do people in Marketing think they are so great?”) Please send email. Any ideas, no matter how dumb they might sound to you, would be incredibly welcome. My email address is still the same as it was in the paragraph above, steif at LunaMetrics.

Robbin Steif