Analytics: Getting A Second Opinion

August 24, 2006

Web analytics can be a lonely field. It’s awesome to go to the eMetrics summit or other conferences and meet the people you correspond with all the time, but that only happens a couple of times a year. And how often do you get to sit down with another analyst and say, “Look at my stuff. What mistakes am I making?”

That was one of the reasons that I took ROI’s webinar – it includes a free GA audit. (The other reason was that I wanted to learn advanced GA, now that I have so many customers using them.) Today I had my audit with Michael Harrison, and it was so wonderful to actually go through the goals and filters and get advice. Once he even said, “It looks great. You’ve got it all set up right.”

The best part was when we talked about my regular expressions, which look like this:


He asked, “You realize that this includes everything before the first slash and everything after the last slash?” I only answered, “Yes,” because his wife has been in labor for days now, and he was doing me a favor and calling me from his home. If he had had more time, I would have told him how I learned this from my Regular Expressions Tutorial.