So You're Going To The Summit, Right?


September 12, 2006

I have an incredibly selfish reason for wanting everyone to go to the eMetrics Summit, Oct. 16-18 in DC. It’s not money (I don’t work for Jim Sterne); it’s not personal aggrandizement (by the time I speak at the end of Day Three, everyone will be gone but me); it’s not even business development. No — I just want to see all my friends.

I was thinking about this while finally reading The Long Tail. Our web analytics community is a perfect example of a tail market that wouldn’t exist without the Internet, for more than one reason. But it does exist and that’s how I get to share interests with people all over the world. Internet or not, though — sometimes I just want to have a drink with my friends.

Hey, I’m realistic – I really don’t expect Lars to come over from Sweden or Steve to come over from Australia or Mike to come from S. Africa. At least not to this Washington DC conference. On the other hand, I’m so looking forward to talking to Ian Houston and Tim Seward and Justin Cutroni and June Li and Joseph Carrabis and Avinash. And Matt Roche, what will I blog about if you don’t make it to DC?

So Dylan — are you coming to the Summit? (I’ll buy the first round…)

Robbin Steif