Regular Expression Posts Made Easier

October 28, 2006

I’ve been writing about Regular Expressions for Google Analytics for some time now. The more I learned, the more I wanted to rewrite my very earliest posts, because In The Beginning, I took easy topics and made them hard. Or, I combined too many expressions together without just starting with basic ideas.

Anyway, I rewrote Part I, the backslash and I also rewrote Part II. Originally, Part II addressed multiple wildcards but I simplified it to be just the dot. I will deal with the plus sign + and the asterisk (which RegEx types like to call a star) in future posts.

Over time, I will get them all cross-indexed. (Done, done done!! at last. ) When I change the post title, I break the link, so I’ll fix that too. (sorry!)

If you got lost learning about wildcards on Post II, this would be a good time, to the extent that you actually have time, to go back and just learn about dots.

Dots .
Carats ^
Dollars signs $
Question marks ?
Pipes |
Parentheses ()
Square brackets []and dashes –
Plus signs +
Stars *
Regular Expressions for Google Analytics: Now let’s Practice
Bad Greed
RegEx and Good Greed
Minimal Matching