Two More Thoughts On Blog Conversion


November 16, 2006

Earlier this week, I wrote twelve tips on blog conversion. Here are two additional thoughts:

1) One commenter asked how I felt about including only a snippet of the post in the feed, so that all the people using feeds have to visit the blogsite to read the whole thing. Although I personally hate it, I would urge everyone to test it themselves. I was very influenced, a year ago, by this post that Xavier Casanova did on his analytics blog. When you read the comments, you really hear his audience telling him exactly what they want, and they really wanted to see the whole post in the feed. Thanks X, for finding that post for me.

2) I alluded to the importance of having on-site search. If you blog a lot and link among your posts, no one will use your on-site search box quite as much as you will, I promise you. You will want to link back to the post you did last year and won’t be able to find it without a search box.

Robbin Steif