Wanted: WA Jargon And Acronyms

February 27, 2007

I recently had this conversation with a friend who doesn’t do the Internet for a living — reminding me that I have to do a post on jargon (and need your help — read on):

Robbin: You know that whole series of posts I wrote on Regular Expressions and Google Analytics?
Friend: Right, I remember you telling me about it.
Robbin: I just got the nicest email, telling me how helpful the posts were to learn about RegEx.
Friend: What’s RegEx?

So, I am going to create a lexicon of web analytic words. Not real words, like “conversion” and “page views” and “hits.” No, you can get all that in Web Analytics Demystified. Instead, I’d like to put together the phrases you hear all the time and just don’t understand. They should make sense, they just don’t… (For example, one person sent me “WOW” and told me that it meant “Week over week.” Someone else sent me “clickstream analysis” vs. “pathing analysis.” That kind of stuff.)

So please send me any gobbledygook (sp?) that you hear. I’m especially interested in slang, or two ways of saying something that sometimes seem the same and sometimes seem different. Acronyms. You don’t have to show off what you don’t know in public; you can just send email to my last name at www.lunametrics.com or to info.

Robbin Steif