Thank Yous, Blogging Lunch And More


April 11, 2007

Some quick notes: if you are going to be at the Emetrics Summit, we are having a table for WA bloggers on Monday. Any WA bloggers are invited, although we might need more than one table…

IE6 can be pretty bad for blogs with lines that go over the margins, I learned. Many thanks to Chris at Moody’s and Joe at More Visibility for pointing out the problem to me. I was just kind of lazy when Chris wrote me (because I go home every night and work on rethreading almost 300 posts on WordPress, it is hard to worry about this blog too.) So Joe, you were just the fire I needed to fix the blog.

Coming soon, the next part of the multi-part series on GA filters. If you are having trouble with a filter, send it to me, I am doing so many tests that I might as well include yours too.