The Ultimate Hero Shot: Your Picture


April 14, 2007

Do you ever start to leave a question and then delete it?

(Technically speaking, Bryan Eisenberg posed this question to me in a bar two weeks ago. But he was really talking about user engagement, and I am talking about getting customer service sites to convert.)

So it is Saturday, and I am supposed to be doing financial stuff for my company and my family. Quicken and Quickbooks are not always my friends, though. For the first time, I decided to leave a comment about how unhelpful the Quicken help can be. I was absolutely shocked to click on the “Did this help you?” button and get this picture:

… with the words, “Hi, we’re responsible for your feedback.” And it really made me feel like someone was going to read and care about it. I especially love the way they did the photography, it was just a group photo of colleagues. Prettier and more professional isn’t always better, I think (would have loved to see the results of that test.)