101 Things To Do With Website Optimizer (and A New Blog)

May 22, 2007

I stumbled upon (without using Stumble Upon) this really great conversion resource in the UK, Conversion Rate Squirrel. When they have time to write, they do some really cool things. They told me that one of their most popular and appreciated pieces is 101 Things to do with Website Optimizer. (I particularly interested in points #37 and #59 – those were new for me.) So read and enjoy.

Also, welcome Coremark Analytics to the blogosphere. Judah Phillips convinced me that the author is Wendi Malley, who works with the WAA Research Committee. But, who really believes Judah anyway? ? Well, Mystery Blogger, I hope you do more work on Statistics, we really need a great statistics blog.

Endnotes: Many thanks to Neil Mason, who taught me to stop writing “England” and start writing, “the UK.” Very special thanks to David Meerman Scott, who is publishing a new book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, and who changed our blog address in his post. (He pointed out to me that the hard copy has already been printed. Ah, paper.)