Just An Hour A Day

June 17, 2007


I just got my copy of Web Analytics – an Hour a Day. I am taking it on vacation to Hawaii. (I’m not taking a laptop or a Blackberry or anything, so I figure, I can spend some time reading.)

The first 300 people who send in their pictures with the book in their hands get an autographed bookmark from the author, Avinash Kaushik. So I gave my daughter a choice – did she want her picture on my blog, or did she want it on Avinash’s blog, where more people would see it, but no one would know who she was? Well, you can see which one she chose. BTW, I think letting people send in their kids’ pictures with the book is a brilliant idea.

Avinash, since you asked for all feedback, good and bad – I was so disappointed that the included disk said “CD-ROM” on it, but doesn’t work in my car (and what was I expecting? you wrote that it includes video, so it must be a DVD.) If it were a CD, though, I really could do it in an hour a day, half an hour each way to work and back.

Endnotes: Thank you, June Li, for telling everyone about the Google Analytics Documentation contest. Thank you, Bob Mutch, for teaching me how to do a better job with my WordPress pictures (although I thought someone had set up the CSS and in the end, I just added padding to my picture, which achieved a similar goal.)