Conversion And GA: I Really Blew It

June 19, 2007

Robbin Steif

My post on the Google Analytics Documentation contest is my most read post of all time, not in small part because Techmeme linked to it. So why don’t I have more comments (especially since I have been begging my friends to submit.)

Well, Cynthia Closkey pointed out that I had accidentally required people to register in my efforts to figure out how to avoid pingback spam (not that one has anything to do with the other – this reminds me of a customer who set every cookie possible just to try to make GA work.) And then I never got rid of it, making it incredibly onerous to comment.

All right all right, I fixed it, and there are just a few more days to add your criticism of the GA documentation. Win real prizes. So that’s both fame AND fortune. Google sees every comment. Check it out. And don’t require your customers to register before buying or your readers to register before commenting. Assuming you want the comments and the money, of course.


ps notice that I got my t-shirt