Filters For Google Analytics ‑ What Are Your Questions?

June 26, 2007


Before I start (again) – this is the last reminder that the Criticize GA’s Documentation Contest ends on Tuesday the 26th. Which is probably today already if you are in Australia.

I have been doing a series on filters for Google Analytics, and am almost done. I have two more posts coming up, and then it feels like I have finished.

However, I read the Google Groups for GA and I can see that the combinations of problems people have are always amazing. So if you have a filters question that I haven’t answered yet — and it is not about cross-domain work, since that will be a different series — please send it my way. You can comment or send email to my last name at — whatever is easiest for you.

Robbin Steif
(see, there is all the info you need to send the email)