Learning About Site Visitors


January 9, 2008

So yesterday, the new year started in force, and our team sat down to talk about our blog (and what kind of posts we would like to do in the coming months.) “Well, what do our readers care about?” one person asked. “Who are they?” Hmm, I thought, I really have very little idea. So here is our first little survey (and it really is little — just four or five questions, depending on how you count them. None are mandatory, because don’t you just hate when you give freely of your time and they force you to answer things you don’t want to answer?) Please please please take a minute or two to fill this out. We write a lot, but only know that we’re helping when you talk to us.

Take the LunaMetrics Blog survey

Many thanks to Taylor and Traci, John and Jason. I know you guys won’t think that I took any of your advice, but I really did.