More About Knowing Your Users


January 23, 2008

I was thinking about the LunaMetrics Blog survey. Quite a few people have taken it, but I’d like to get another fifty responses before publishing.

I considered (and discarded) these thoughts:

  • You owe it to the blog writers. No, let’s face it: you don’t owe anything. We’ll keep doing great content, and we really don’t know anything about who replies (unless they actually sign their name, which a couple of people did). So we’ll never know if you answered or not.
  • You aren’t getting paid for it, so why should you? Good point. So you see why I discarded this one.
  • You’ll be able to influence some of the things we write, or at least, how we write them. Well, that’s like saying you will have a chance to win a free iPod. You might win, but your chances are diluted by the number of others who answered. And when was a potentially free iPod the reason that you did something, anyway?

No, it seems to me that there is only one good reason to answer our survey: this is what analysts do. They understand that data is sacred, and that not having enough of it is aggravating. So if creating data is something an analyst can do, we do it.

I hope you’ll understand how important having enough data is, and you’ll take our short, completely anonymous survey.

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