Wanted: GA Analysts Who Don't Do Regular Expressions

May 9, 2008

Do you do this Regular Expression stuff in Google Analytics? If you don’t, I would really like your help. (Sorry, this is for newbies only.)

I worked with the documentation pros at GA to improve the Help Center documentation on Regular Expressions, but I can no longer look at it through newbie eyes. I still worry that the uninitiated will read and and think, “Huh?” but maybe I am wrong. I wrote another article, but the documentation people said, “Robbin, we think we have enough.” And maybe they are right. (That’s the part that I don’t know.)

So please go to this page in the GA Help Section (if you are new at it), and send me email, telling me how new you are to this, and whether it made enough sense for you to be able to get started with Regular Expressions. Send me email so that others won’t be influenced by your thoughts. Remember, the less you know about this, the more valuable your thoughts are.