Automatically Show All Profiles In GA

June 12, 2008

Update: I’ve added an additional URL to when this script runs.  It now runs on* as well.  If the script stopped working for you, this was probably why and should take care of it.

You can also make this change to the existing script by going to Tools->Greasemonkey->Manage User Scripts.  In the Included Pages area, click the Add button, paste in the above URL, and click OK.


I was recently asked by Espen at if there was anyway to automatically show all your profiles for the website profile list in GA.

The default is to display 10 profiles and you can either 1. page through them (painfully) in sets of 10 per page or 2. Select from a pulldown how many you want to show at once.

Show 100 Profiles

But when you have a lot of profiles it becomes annoying to select “Show 100” every time you see this screen.

So, I wrote this very simple greasemonkey script that watches for certain location.hrefs (URLs) and adds the parameter ns=100 to the end of the URL. The ns=100 parameter directs GA to show 100 profiles at once (which is the highest option in the pulldown).

If you don’t already have Greasemonkey installed you can get it here.

Then download and install the Show 100 script. (If you have greasemonkey installed, you should be prompted to install the script when you click on it. Otherwise download it and use the greasemonkey interface to add the script).

It is not a perfect solution but it has worked well for me so far, and it may help you put off that carpal tunnel surgery for a while longer. If you have a better or smarter way to accomplish the same thing, let’s discuss it.

UPDATE: André made a code suggestion (see comments) which I have incorporated into the script.  Now it will not add the &ns=100 parameter if there are 10 or fewer profiles.  Thanks André