GA: So Much Fun, It Should Be Illegal

August 21, 2008

OK, everyone deserves a little web analytics fun.

After our last Google Analytics training in Washington, DC , I emailed most of the attendees and said, do you have any hanging questions or issues? A few people thanked me for writing, a few people had questions, most ignored me. But one man needed some help with his goal. So I replied, send it to me. I’ll write it for you. (I can’t begin to tell you how hard we work to be sure that people get their questions answered.)

So this afternoon, an email caught my eye; it had the title, “Goals Working.” I will cut out small parts of it to protect his privacy:

It has taken me all day to write you!! The goal you wrote for me IS OPERATIONAL!! I didn’t have a chance to look at it until this morning. I had perma-grin. THANK YOU. Tomorrow I will take a stab at the remaining goals. Who needs IT now? I am empowered!

When I wrote him back and told him that he had made my day, he replied, “So much fun, it should be illegal. No joke.”

OK, there you go. I hope you are enjoying your analytics as much as this guy is.