What Do Those Web Analytic Terms Mean?


October 4, 2008

Wouldn’t it be great if we all meant the same thing when we used a web analytics term?

At the Web Analytics Association, we have a committee called Standards (and I am honored to work with them.) The job of the Standards committee is to do just that – figure out what the words all mean, you might say.

A couple of weeks ago, the Standards Committee released a draft document of twenty-nine terms. It is a revision of a document done about a year ago. One of the current highlights is an Ask Your Vendor focus — we’re really looking for individuals to ask their vendors how well each vendor’s terms match the WAA’s standard terms.

The document, as pointed out above, is in draft format, and will be for a little while, as we collect comments. So I hope you will read it and make comments (the best place to comment is on this blog post at the WAA blog.) Those of you who are going to the eMetrics Summit in DC will get a hard copy in your conference bags. And bloggers — you would do the industry a service by reblogging or publicizing in any way you can. Thanks much.