I'm An Analytics Ninja.


March 20, 2009

Do you know what the definition of an Analytics Ninja is? By rights, I should link to the blogpost of the person who coined the term, but he gets so much link love already. Plus, I think the definition should be changed:  “Analytics Ninjas have cool Ninja t-shirts.”  The sleeves are just the best, they are wide and then banded.  (You can tell that I am writing a fashion column and not an analytics or conversion blog.)  While I am at it, let me show you where to get your own.  Jeremy Hutton did all the work.  I think Jeremy or Caleb Whitmore bought this Analytics Ninja shirt for me, and I know that I have to figure out how to thank one or both of them.

Continuing on the topic of late-Friday superfluous blog posts, I have to tell you about the case of beer John Henson of LunaMetrics Fame received this week. I got an email last week with the  title, “Regarding John Henson.”  I was wondering what kind of trouble he had gotten himself into…. Anyway, the email went like this, edited a little to disguise the writer:

“I called today to ask about getting some technical support from your team on a GA Subdomain tracking issue. I spoke with John about the issue and he said shoot him over the info and he would take a look. My jaw dropped when he offered to take a look and see if there was a quick fix.

“John got back to me within 10 minutes with the catch. I have to tell you that with all the companies I have worked with this was one of the most impressive examples of customer serv


ice I have experienced. I work with many startups, have consulted for numerous clients, and have called on dozens of vendors. Never once have I seen something this gracious. [Comment from Robbin: He is talking about JOHN? Who insults me every day?]

“I am sending John a case of beer as a personal thanks. Know that any opportunity I have to recommend your company and services I will do so ….”

We didn’t really believe the beer was coming (because it is hard to get beer from another country into this one, much less into Pennsylvania), but you can see the picture here of the case John received earlier this week.

OK, enjoy your weekend; next week Jonathan will write about site overlay, part II, and I’ll tell everyone to hold June 2 for GA Training in NYC.