Annual Copyright Post: Welcome, 2010


January 4, 2010

Whether this is a new decade or not, there is no question that it is a new year. Enter website copyright issues. So we have again my annual copyright post.

You can go here to read the original article, but in short:  “…the year corresponds to the date of creation of the material. Copyright law doesn’t have much to say about exactly how the date works. A range usually represents the idea that some material was created on X date, some on Y date, and some on dates in between. A single date is supposed to represent the idea that all of the material was created on that date.”  Remember, we aren’t lawyers.

So there you have some of the legal issues, but you know, there are other issues, too.  One of the things we learned this year (and always suspected) is that some people really do look at the copyright range to see how long you have been in business.  Bet you never thought your copyright was part of your conversion strategy, eh?