Regular Expressions EBook ‑ A Relic Or Valuable Tool?

May 20, 2010

Regular Expressions eBook

Last year, when I started working on an eBook for Google Analytics and Regular Expressions, one of my acquaintances wrote, “That’s so 2008.” (And just think, now it is 2010.)

So I put it all on the shelf for a while, until Nick M and Avinash did this video and addressed RegEx (Regular Expressions) again. Hmm, I thought.  Well, I use them all the time. And people write me with their RegEx and say, “Please help me troubleshoot them” all the time.   And then I saw a plea for help on a bulletin board. And finally, when Nick and Avinash did that Nick-and-Avinash show referenced above, I thought, time to finish this ebook.

So here is my guide to Regular Expressions (including the cartoon characters).

I know that there is one design error, but I don’t want to fix it yet again until a lot of you RegEx fans get a chance to read and comment.

All thoughts are welcome.  And remember what David Meerman Scott says: On the Internet, you are what you publish.