Quick Answers To Random Questions

June 24, 2010

In the right sidebar of our blog is a form that can be used to submit questions.

Mostly it is just used to spam us, but we do occasionally get a legitimate question or two:

Question 1 concerned exporting more rows.  The official GA blog posted an article on this topic not long ago.  The trick is to use a query parameter in the URL:


Question 2 was about image files showing up in Top Content reports when they shouldn’t.

Normally an image file would not appear at all in your Top Content reports, unless you add special implementation.  I’m not sure how to answer this question without actually looking at the case in question, but one thing you might check, if you feel the item in question is no longer on  your site is to create an Advanced Segment for visits that include that item.  Then check the hostnames report and see if the visits are occurring on your domain.  It might be that the views for that item is being sent to GA from a cached or copied version of an old page on another domain.

Question 3 involved configuration of automatic emails in GA.

Above the graph in most reports is a grey bar.  On the left hand side of the bar is a button that is labeled “email”.   Go to the report you wish to email and click that button. After clicking on that button you are taken to a screen where emails can be set up.  Click on the tab that is labeled “Schedule” and select the recipients, the delivery schedule, etc.  When the options are set up as you prefer, click the “schedule” button at the bottom of the form.