So Do You Have A Facebook Strategy?

October 26, 2010

facebook logo

About five months ago, I decided (as did lots of other people) that social media is powerful, but it had to be used well.

So our company — led by one very interested analyst — learned all the nuances of great and no-so-great Facebook company pages.  Before we started to put together a “real” facebook presence (as opposed to just a page), we thought a lot about strategy.

What did we want our Facebook page to do for us? Sure, it would be great to do giveaways and prizes and contests there — that’s what we do with lots of our customers — but that doesn’t work as well for a B2B site.  Plus, we already have this blog. Hmm.

Ultimately, we decided that our blog was the place that people were going to get more in-depth, technical, cutting edge (do I need more adjectives?) advice about Google Analytics, SEO, PPC and other web marketing. But Internet users comprise an incredible spectrum of knowledge. So we decided to create a Tips and Tricks tab on our Facebook page, where we have basic advice for those who are in the ultraviolet part of that spectrum.