Looking At Your Analytics Every Day (or Week)


November 2, 2010


Some of you are devoted to your analytics and look at them hourly. You are more addicted to those numbers than to the one you ask the lottery man to give you every week. Certainly, you care more about them than you care about the number on the scale every morning.

But, not everyone is in that bucket. So this is a plea to the people who aren’t data junkies. Once a day (or more likely, once a week), your employees send you a dashboard of data, or a short report.

Look at it. Even if you don’t really understand the numbers. Once in a while, ask a question.

Of course, you could get really immersed in it, and that would be awesome. But if you aren’t ready to get really immersed in it, just … look at it for 10 seconds every week.

Eventually, without doing any work, you will start to notice trends, because you will have seen it so many times. You’ll find that you are asking, “Why did *that* happen?” It is the easiest way to use your data without having to deal with the big C (commitment.) It may take a while, but soon, you will be Married To Your Data.