How They Landed That 6‑digit Sale With Google Analytics

January 6, 2011

Network Location

We have a customer who considers the SEO we do for her to be one of her “sales channels” and we get ranked along with her other channels. She sends us reports when a lead comes in and when a lead is closed. The other day, I saw that she closed one that was worth not quite half a million dollars. (!!  that was my reaction, too.)  So I wrote her and said, how awesome. To which she replied,

Started with google analytics.  Saw that they spent some time on the site… sicked Jane on a cold calling mission… after a bunch of calls she found the engineer at the company who was interested in the product. I flew out.. presented… sold and they put out a public bid. Our company is the low bidder and need to send a sample next week for review then release of contract :)”

So in case you are wondering, she was talking about the Network Locations report, which she mines daily for sales leads. It only is a good source if many of your customers are their own ISP.  You can read an analysis of various ways to read that report here, in an article we wrote some time ago.