Magento Partner Spoken Here


July 30, 2011

We’re excited to announce we're now officially a Magento partner. We've been developing and implementing Magento commerce stores here in San Francisco since Magento’s 1.0 launch. It has changed a lot since the early days and is more powerful than ever, and with a little experience, easy to maintain.

We are contacted by a lot of people interested in moving to Magento, asking us how the different Magento products stack-up. Here is a brief rundown.

Magento Professional – Start simple

Magento Professional is Magento’s entry-level dedicated, supported solution. Along with Store credits, Gift cards, Rewards points and PA-DSS compliance baked in, it also carries a warranty from Magento so you can be confident that your install is backed by Magento itself. Additionally, it offers a direct upgrade path to the Enterprise edition.

Magento CE – Start (less) simple

Community Edition (CE) can be thought of as the heart of the Magento commerce line, i.e. the engine of all the Magento commerce products. It is open source (free), frequently updated, and supported by the Magento community. CE is in some ways a testing platform that introduces new features (with some possible rough edges), and is used to make sure features are stable before they are rolled into Magento’s commercial products. This is why Magento CE has an accelerated release schedule and why it requires more support and maintenance than Enterprise.

Magento Enterprise –  Built to last

Then there is the Enterprise edition, bringing with it a slew of performance and feature enhancements such as Multi Store view, Private Sales, Rewards Points, Rich Merchandising Suite, Store Credits, Gift Cards, Customer Accounts, Customer-Assisted Checkout, and Gift Registry. It is also back by Magento?s Enterprise SLA, which guarantees your issues are addressed by the Magento team itself should problems arise. This all comes together to ensure your company a rock-solid foundation for commerce. If an unscheduled outage is not an option, Enterprise is the version for you.

Which is right for you?

All the Magento products are all very different, so choosing your solution comes down to internal resources, cost, and stability. What are your impressions?