GoalCopy Updated For Firefox 9

January 31, 2012

If you’re not familiar with the Goal Copy Firefox extension, you can read the original post here.

It seems like everyone I know is using Chrome now. It’s fast, it’s simple, it has developer tools built right in. It’s a fantastic browser and it deserves every bit of browser share that it’s taking away from the Big Two (Firefox and IE).

That being said, I do almost all of my Google Analytics debugging in Firefox. I love HttpFox and you’ll pry Firebug (and, to a lesser extent, Firecookie) from my cold, dead hands. Maybe I’m just set in my ways, but it’s the way I do things, and while I love Chrome for everyday browsing, I do all my heavy lifting with the ‘Fox.

Which is why I keep updating GoalCopy. This latest version works with Firefox 9. It still only works with the old interface, but an update for GA v5 should be ready in a few weeks.

For now, just download the latest version of GoalCopy here and get to copying! You might encounter a weird glitch where only the Find/Replace toolbar shows and the Copy/Paste options are nowhere to be found. Just re-enable it through the new Firefox menu as shown below:

GoalCopy menu options

What about you? Have you made the switch to Chrome, or are you sticking with Mozilla? What sort of features do you want to see in a Google Analytics add-on? Please leave a comment below and let me know!