New Office For The New Website

July 23, 2013

We figured if we were launching a new website, then we might as well get a new office as well!

Actually, there is a little more to it than that. Infield Digital has been steadily growing and we just needed a bit more space. Last Thursday we finally made the jump and moved to our new office, which gives us roughly twice the space of our old office.


What this means for me personally is more legroom and more space for my ever growing collection of art supplies and Legos. What this means for our team is no more bumping into each other when we get up for a glass of water or coffee, and a larger, blank canvas for us to come up with creative/interesting ways to work. We’ve already got a super-comfortable new couch, and some nice chairs and coffee tables for lounging.


For our clients, the new office brings larger, brighter, and more comfortable meeting spaces, and new white boards (finally!) for more collaboration and idea sharing. Plus we’re in the same great, parkable neighborhood in the Potrero Hill area of San Francisco if you want to stop by for a chat.


I think it’s worth noting that everybody has been incredibly helpful with the move. We all worked together to pack up and move the old office (desks, computers, toolbox, lamps, kegerator, pens, mice, everything!), and set up the new space. I think we are all feeling a lot stronger today than we were this time last week!


That said, there are a few people in particular who really made everything happen. Of course Marc, our fearless leader, who found the space, made the move possible, and generally provides the purpose for this entire operation (projects!). And there’s Chris, who handled a majority of the actual design and implementation details (layout, how large the space between the cabinets and the walls needs to be, carpet materials, and on and on – he’s a real life architect!). Gemma, who handled many of the logistics and making the space comfortable. And last, the guy I would personally give the Infield Digital 2013 Office Moving Excellence Award to: Nicola. Nicola (pictured below drilling ventilation holes for the “server room”) not only CARRIED his desk 5 blocks from the old office to the new at 6am, but also handled much of the networking and cable management for the new office.


Chris architects the plastic thing onto the metal thing

I’m looking forward to new memories with great people…and maybe a ping pong table!