Announcing Our 2014 Google Analytics and AdWords Seminar Locations

August 1, 2013

At LunaMetrics, we like to be ahead of the curve. So far, we’ve had a great year with our Google Analytics & AdWords seminars; so good that, as many of our more asutute readers might have noticed, we’ve already added new seminars in Chicago in October, Los Angeles in November, and Charlotte in December. In keeping with our ahead-of-the-curve mindset, I’m pleased to announce today our official 2014 Google Analytics & AdWords Seminar calendar.

In 2014, LunaMetrics will be sending our consultants out for a total of twenty-four weeks of comprehensive Google Analytics & AdWords seminars. We’ve been trying to think of ways that we could improve our seminars, which are already a crowd favorite. Besides staying up-to-date with the latest on Google Analytics, AdWords, and more, we decided the next best thing we could do was to make our seminars more convenient and available. To that end, we’re expanding from four cities to thirteen and doubling the number of trainings we do per month. Check out the new cities & dates we’ll be visiting below:


One of our favorites, we’ve trained in Boston for quite a few years now and love to visit The Hub. Our dates in Boston include:


New York City

Another popular destination for our seminars, we’re happy to say we’ll be in the Big Apple four times this year. As usual, expect to see us during Internet Week, as well as a few other unexpected places.


Washington, D.C.

D.C. is an area we’re excited to be continuing to serve throughout 2014, especially as public officials become more hands-on with their data.



What would a ‘tour’ be without a homecoming? As always, we’ll offering our seminars to Pittsburgh businesses interesting in learning how to harness their data.



Our first new city, and certainly one of the warmest. We’re definitely looking forward to visiting Miami.



One of two stops we’ll be making in Texas. We know there’s a lot going on down here, and we’re excited to see it first-hand.


San Francisco

What tour of the country would be complete without a stop in Frisco? Well, two stops, actually. Will you be joining us?



We realized we needed to get a break from the rainy, dreary Pittsburgh landscape, so we decided to Seattle was a must-visit.



We’re excited to be coming to Chicago as soon as October of this year, right on the Magnificent Mile. We hope you’ll be joining us!


San Antonio

Another Texas stop that we’re excited to explore; are you a San Antonion? Leave us some restaurant suggestions in the comments!


San Diego

One of three California stops that we’ll be making this year. Let us know about your favorite digs in San Diego!



We’re really looking forward to meeting Charlotte businesses and brands excited about analytics; we think it will be the perfect way to cap off 2013.


Los Angeles

The last of our three California stops, we’re very pleased to announce that we’ll be visiting the Los Angeles area twice during the year. Will you be joining us?

Did we miss your city? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll squeeze in a visit!