Free Webinar: Cross Domain Tracking In Google Tag Manager

September 24, 2013

UPDATE: Due to events beyond our control, the webinar has been postponed until Tuesday, November 5th at 1:00pm EST. Our sincere apologies.

It’s been almost a year since Google Tag Manager was introduced, and as we scan the product forum, it’s clear there are still many questions about how it works (both generally and specifically).

But the question that comes up the most frequently by far is “how do I do cross domain tracking in Google Tag Manager?”

To help answer this specific question, we’re hosting a free webinar at 1pm (EST) on November 5th. We’ll help you understand the problem of cross domain tracking (what it is, how it affects your data, etc.) and how to implement cross domain tracking in Google Tag Manager with a step-by-step guide.


We knew there was a lot of interest in this topic, but we didn’t expect to fill up the webinar so quickly! The registration for this webinar is closed now, but if we will host it again if there’s enough interest. Just sign up below: