In The News: Our Adobe Experience Manager / Magento Integration

March 14, 2014
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Delivers advanced marketing capabilities to Magento commerce customers through integration with Adobe’s leading web experience management solution

Today, we introduced an extension to the Adobe® Experience Manager eCommerce Integration Framework to connect with the Magento Enterprise commerce platform. The extension developed by Infield Digital, in collaboration with Adobe, enables existing Magento eCommerce customers to access the enterprise-class capabilities of Experience Manager without having to re-platform their commerce implementation. Adobe’s eCommerce Integration Framework provides an open framework that allows any commerce solution an effective way to connect with Experience Manager.

Adobe Experience Manager, positioned as a Leader in the most recent top industry analyst research reports on Web Content Management, enables marketers to deliver digital experiences that can drive the customer shopping experience across mobile web, mobile apps, and the traditional desktop browser. This experience-driven commerce approach enables organizations to differentiate on their brand and products versus the traditional “e-shop” paradigm, which simply loads thumbnails of product images into rows and columns. Magento customers with significant page traffic can begin to offload these requests from their store while extending their investments in Magento, and at the same time reimagining the shopping experience. Magento developers will appreciate Experience Manager’s support for open standards, such as Apache Sling and Apache Felix. And marketers and merchandisers responsible for optimizing the online shopping experience will appreciate the ability to easily change the experience across all interaction points, test offers, layouts, and content and personalize the shopping experience through the capabilities of Adobe Target, also part of Adobe Marketing Cloud.

The combination of Magento and Experience Manager allows e-commerce organizations to:

Synchronize the Magento product catalog data to Adobe Experience Manager, allowing content creators to efficiently deliver a best-in-class shopping experience while maintaining Magento features and back-end workflows. This also allows product data to flow through to other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions, such as Adobe Analytics, to accurately capture product views, cart additions, and other e-commerce funnel metrics.

Improve marketing capabilities of existing Magento sites by allowing business users to take advantage of Experience Manager’s rich layout capabilities built with WYSIWYG editing to enable quick launch of product content.

The cart and checkout experience can be driven by Experience Manager in concert with Adobe Target to allow business users to continuously test and optimize the funnel to maximize conversion and average order value.

Product discovery can be better facilitated through near limitless possibilities of designs and layouts leveraging Experience Manager’s web experience management capabilities for both traditional desktop web experiences as well as mobile web (responsive and adaptive) and mobile apps.

The Adobe Experience Manager integration was designed to access the Magento product catalog, leaving business and fulfillment logic in place. The integration consists of an Experience Manager helper extension on the Magento side, which delivers a high-performance key-value store to the Experience Manager eCommerce Framework. Installation from the Magento side is easy as it consists of a single module. Store owners can now quickly offer customized user experiences while leveraging their existing commerce engine, greatly reducing the time to market and complexity associated with a system migration.

According to the February 2013 edition of Tom Robertshaw’s quarterly eCommerce survey, Magento is the leading eCommerce platform among Alexa’s top one million sites for the third year in a row. Infield Digital is a Magento Silver Solution Partner and has been developing for Magento for over five years, enabling many businesses to sell direct to their customers. Following a tradition of extending the Magento platform, beyond the small enterprise, Infield Digital was excited to collaborate with Adobe to bring the two communities together.

Marc Infield, founder of Infield Digital states, “Integrating Magento with Adobe Experience Manager gives the marketing team access to some of the best tools available without touching Magento’s fulfillment flow. Since the integration leverages the Adobe Experience Manager eCommerce Integration Framework, it represents an extensible solution that can be built on over time.”