LunaMetrics Top 10 Blog Posts From 2014

January 6, 2015 | Jon Meck

A new year brings new opportunities, new chances for self-improvement, and inevitably, reflection on the previous year. I’ve pulled out some of our most trafficked and most popular blog posts from the past year and listed them below.

It’s no coincidence that the categories of the posts are reflective of LunaMetrics as a company. There are entries from our main focuses on Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and the broad world of Search.

There are simple explanations of complicated topics, new ideas to ponder, and ways to make your life easier. As 2015 gets underway, you can expect more great content from our expert LunaMetricians.

FAQ About Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

An overview of the new Enhanced Ecommerce plugin for Google Analytics and why it’s one of the most important updates of the year. Read now >

How to Use Google Webmaster Tools for SEO

Google Webmaster Tools is an essential part of the SEO toolkit. Here’s 4000+ words of actionable tips on using the top 10 Webmaster Tools reports. Read now >

Breaking: Google Tag Manager Refresh – 6 Things You Need to Know

On October 15, Google Tag Manager announced an update to the user interface. Read about what changes are coming and how you can prepare! Read now >

Understanding Bot and Spider Filtering from Google Analytics

An explanation and best practice guide to excluding traffic from known bots and spiders inside the Google Analytics interface. Read now >

My 15 Favorite Free SEO Tools

I LOVE me a good free tool. Here’s a countdown list of my 15 favorite free tools for doing SEO, with tips. (Bonus list at bottom.) Read now >

Say Goodbye to Exclude Filters in Google Analytics!

Reduce sampling and keep your analytics clean with Google Tag Manager and advanced blocking rules. Read now >

The ABCs of Content – 26 Ways to Always Be Creating

The secret of effective content marketing? Always Be Creating it! Here are 26 ways to increase output of quality content by leveraging what you already do. Read now >

Tracking Clicks Using Custom Data Attributes, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics

By setting up some simple Macros, Rules and Tags in GTM you can track anything you want on your site by adding Custom Data Attributes to the on-page elements. Read now >

4 AdWords Geo-Targeting Tactics to Optimize Across Multiple Locations

What is the best way to structure your AdWords account into geographic segments? Think about your management resources and your data. Get the tactics now. Read now >

What Should You Do With Old Content? Three Part Series

This three part series takes you through the decision making process for how to deal with old content. The answer? It depends; but don’t ignore it. Learn your options for old or outdated content and when to use them. Read now >