Apache Solr For Magento

February 11, 2015

MagSOLR has a simple goal – give Magento EE and CE users a manageable way to implement advanced enterprise search. Apache Solr is considered by many to be the best search available and is used by numerous Fortune 500 companies. A focus on combining performance, solid implementation, and ease of installation is our objective.

Improve Performance With Better Search!

MagSolr is the easiest way to add enterprise search to your store. Our basic platform, now entering beta, offers performance reliability and ease of installation. But it doesn’t stop there! As time goes on we will be adding more of Solr’s robust features and scalability.


Magento Enterprise Commerce

Trusted by online retailers like Nike, Warby Parker, and Nespresso, Magento is the leading eCommerce platform on the web.


A direct replacement for Magento’s default SQL search, the MagSOLR module has remarkable characteristics:

  • Super fast
  • Simple install
  • Easy implementation


Need help configuring an advanced feature or just want to get it done? We are here to help. Get help directly from our team.  We offer valuable services including installation, customization, performance tuning, and customizations.