Adobe Community Summit ‑ Cloudera Upgrading From CQ 5.5 To AEM 6.0


March 21, 2015
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Summit started off with bang for us. Our client, Cloudera, opened with a presentation on the process of our upgrade from AEM 5.5 to AEM 6.0. Peter LaPorte‘s presentation stepped through planning, preparation and the actual in-place upgrade of the JCR to Jackrabbit OAK. The presentation was well received and had a slew questions from the group.

Tales of an Upgrade: Moving on from CQ 5.5 to AEM 6.0, Peter LaPorte, Sr Web Developer at Cloudera

Upgrades are a big topic right now in the AEM community because most organizations are still on CQ 5.x. Between new features and the performance benefits of Jackrabbit OAK, a lot of organization are now planning the update. And with an imminent release of AEM 6.1, the early adopter jitters are starting to fade.


Peter’s Cloudera upgrade talk was the opening presentation of the 2nd annual Summit community day, which was held on Monday. It was very well attended and had excellent presentations from Stanford Medical School, Sony Playstation, and Hyatt Hotel. The event had over 200 attendees and ended in a series of open discussions in the un-conference format. I highly recommend attending community events. They vary, but typically have a few short presentations that are food for thought and an opportunity for like minded people to meet, learn and share. Adobe Marketing Cloud is a complex group of tools, and I have found that community based events are great way to pick up and share best practices.


If you are in San Francisco or Denver areas, please consider joining one of the meet-ups we help organize. Or if you are interested in starting your own event, I would be happy to share our experience get one organized.