Adobe And Magento Announce Partnership On Experience Driven Commerce

October 6, 2016 | Bounteous x Accolite
Adobe And Magento Announce Partnership On Experience Driven Commerce

There was a lot going on at the NRF’s conference this week. Magento and Adobe announced their partnership but the big news from our side was the release of our connector for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Magento 2 which is now the official connector managed by Adobe and Magento. From a business level it is an exciting partnership, commerce sites that use Magento now have the ability to tie into Adobe Marketing Cloud suite of tools which has been the industry’s leading Enterprise Marketing Software Suite for years.

This week at we were able to talk to people about the connector and sit down and do some demos for partners, analysts and sales organizations. It was well received and it is always fun getting feedback from the general public. We all had a blast.

People familiar with Infield Digital know we did an AEM Magento connector for Magento 1 a few years ago. For the Magento 2 update, we collaborated extensively with the Adobe and Magento teams. The result is an integration that allows the marketing department to use the Adobe Marketing Cloud tools for all their marketing needs while allowing the ecommerce managers to maintain products catalogs and orders using the Magento tools they know so well.

Magento and Adobe will be actively maintaining and evolving the connector. The initial release has catalog and product importer, cart and checkout tools as well as profile and authentication hooks that allow Magento customer profile information to drive the Adobe personalization engine. If you want to learn more about the connector you can talk to Adobe, Magento or contact us directly for more information or a demo.