New AdWords Features: How To Stay Up To Date

August 9, 2017

Paid Search, and Google AdWords in particular, moves fast. Just when you think your account build is complete now that Customer Match lists and Dynamic Search Ads have been added, you open Twitter and find a new feature you didn’t even know about yet! Keeping up to speed on changes is a big part of the job. Here are the go-to sites to check out so that you’re never in the dark.

Search Engine Land
“When You Need to Know Right Now”

There are tons of news sites out there that cover Paid Search, but I always turn to Search Engine Land. Ginny Marvin does an excellent job of keeping readers abreast of changes in AdWords minutia, like in this recent piece on changes to the mobile product card unit ads:

Google AdWords Official Blog
“When You Need to Learn More About a Product Announcement”

Inside AdWords, the official blog for Google AdWords, has been around for years via the Blogspot platform. This is the spot to learn about official product announcements and features.


Google AdWords New Features Page
“When You Need a Recap”

AdWords makes updates basically all the time. The running news items can start to feel jumbled in your head. Thankfully, the product team recognized this and launched a New Features section in the Fall of 2016. This helpful page gives you a timeline of expanded features and a link to the support documentation for each item. Invaluable!

“When You Need a Deep Dive”

Shameless self promotion here. We have two main ways that we help companies that use AdWords learn more and get value out of the tool. This applies if you manage AdWords yourself or if you lean on an agency to help manage your accounts.

LunaMetrics Blog

We don’t write up-to-the-minute news about AdWords changes on the LunaMetrics blog as there are better outlets around for that. We do have a knack for instructive posts that exhaust a particular topic. Here are a few highlights:

Google AdWords Search Term Report Action Items


Learn how to effectively use the AdWords Search Term Report to cut wasteful spending and optimize your AdWords campaigns by asking yourself some questions.

Increase Revenue with Strategic Audiences in Google Analytics & Google AdWords


Learn how to create & bid on targeted audiences to reduce wasted spend and increase revenue in this definitive guide. Maximizing your Adwords spend today!

Digging Deeper with Attribution Reports in Google AdWords


Not sure about the tools available for attribution modeling and analysis in Google AdWords? Check out our handy guide to attribution reports in AdWords!

Google AdWords Cross-Device Reporting & Attribution


Visit the AdWords attribution section more frequently. The device attribution reports there are a valuable resource. Let’s look at three device reports.

LunaMetrics In-Person Training

Need more? We’ve got our two-day Google AdWords training that we hold around the country to both ease people into AdWords and make sure they’ve got a strong footing when they leave. There are many other trainings out there, so you’ll understandably want to shop around and compare reviews and agendas to make sure the course you take is worth the investment. We don’t offer online courses, but we certainly recognize that there are pros and cons to both online and offline courses.

As a trainer, I enjoy taking my years of experience with clients big and small and using that to help people see the potential in AdWords for the unique business. No two courses are exactly the same, and it’s great to watch attendees making business connections and sharing tips during the breaks and workshop segments of the class.

Here are a few reviews we’ve received:

“The course was rich, relevant and clearly up-to-date on the latest Google AdWords topics and settings. I appreciated the examples, discussions and answers provided during the session.”

—Boston – Google AdWords 101

“So much information! I knew that there was stuff that I did not know but now I definitely am well-versed in all that’s available—now I have some practicing to do!”

—Chicago – Google AdWords 201

Google AdWords Best Practices Guide
“When You Need a Refresher”

This one is a favorite of those who have already attended the LunaMetrics AdWords training seminars. This one single Best Practices page has some of the best planning tools out there for your AdWords account.


When you pop open any topic above you get a great list of guides and checklists that can all be downloaded as PDFs for you to work through. Super handy!


Think With Google
“When You Need to Be Inspired”

Going beyond using the tool and latest product updates, it’s important to see actually see successes with the different features. Think with Google is my personal favorite site on today’s list. Packed with case studies, videos, downloads and ideas, this site is where Google docks it’s best advertising efforts and biggest client successes. For example, see what big brands are doing with RLSA and get inspired to try your own Remarketing Lists for Search Ads campaigns.