3 Free Google Solutions Every Online Marketer Should Use

January 16, 2018 | Kevin Haag

Have you ever asked yourself what (free) solutions are available and necessary to understand and improve your website? Here is my recommendation how to use 3 common solutions from Google to answer that question. Especially if you are new to the digital marketing landscape, you might have heard about all of the listed solutions below, but you probably ask yourself, how the heck are they connected and what can I do with them? This post will answer the first question and will help you get a high-level understanding. This post will not tell you what fancy things you can do with each of those solutions since there are way better blogs and tutorials on the web. 

1) Use Google Analytics to understand your visitors

Google Analytics is the most used web analytics tool on the internet and offers valuable insights about who your visitors are, how they get to your site and what actions they perform, once there. This enables you to improve your marketing activities and your budget efficiency, since you are able to target the right audience in the right channel. Make more out of your money!

2) Use Google Search Console for SEO

Google Search Console is part of the Google Webmaster Tools and allows you to scope and adjust the technical aspects of your site and communicate with the Googlebot. By fixing the displayed errors, you can easily improve your site’s performance, the user experience and finally your Google ranking. Simple and efficient!

3) Use Google Optimize to perform A/B testing

Since end of March 2017, Google’s A/B-testing tool Optimize is now available for free and allows you to do A/B-testing by yourself. Start testing important elements for your defined conversion in an easy-to-use interface and improve the user experience by choosing the most valuable version. No additional costs or software needed. Ready to optimize?