Meetup Summary: AEM 6.4, Custom Render Conditions, Open Development Model

March 14, 2018
Meetup Summary: AEM 6.4, Custom Render Conditions, Open Development Model

Our AEM meetup successfully warmed us up for the upcoming Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. We met with 50 participants from the AEM community in San Francisco, learned from three great speakers, and we enjoyed delicious pizza. Thank you to all that attended the event and for those who were not able to, you can view the recorded talks below.

Recording Agenda:

1) Peter Krmpotic, Group Product Manager for AEM, about key features and integrations in AEM 6.4. Focus of this talk: Key product themes, areas of investment and updates for AEM Sites, Assets, and Forms.

2) Ryan Keenan, Senior Developer at Infield Digital, about custom Granite Render Conditions. This is a technical talk on how to enhance the authoring experience and to enable power users.

3) Nate Yolles, AEM Architect, about how to do AEM “the right way” with one codebase for multiple projects. This high level overview gives insights on how to reuse code and communicate across projects with an open development model.


If you’re not part of the meetup community about Adobe Experience Manager and the Adobe Marketing Cloud yet, you should join it now. We’re running meetups in San Francisco, Denver and Berlin, and we are always looking for speakers and meetup locations. If you’d like to share your know-how or venue, let us know.

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