Four Ways To Learn Digital Marketing In‑Person With Bounteous

April 10, 2018 | Brittany Johndrow

When delving into professional development options for digital marketing tools that help your business succeed, like Google Analytics and Google AdWords, you’ve probably weighed online versus in-person courses, seminars, or whatever it may be. One of the great things about our industry is that both options have abundant resources to cater to all types of learning styles and range of needs.

We always recommend utilizing online resources, especially free ones, when possible (have you read our blog?), but sometimes you need that classroom setting to get focused on the task at hand.

Here are a few ways to learn in-person with us!

Public Training Courses

Courses OfferedGoogle Analytics, Google Ads, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Optimize

For those new to Google products or those looking for a quick refresher after another interface change, our public trainings are a great choice! More often than not, you’ll see a public training on our schedule (this week we’re in two cities!), with as many as eight courses offered during one training week.

Let our consultant-trainer extraordinaires teach you what they know as well as get some recommendations on your own accounts. Network with your peers at lunch and breaks, and enjoy the all-you-can-drink coffee. There’s just something about being able to ask your questions in person and we provide great post-training support to make sure you’re on your way to making effective marketing decisions.

Best of all, we’re continually trying new cities!

Cohosted Training

Courses OfferedGoogle Analytics, AdWords, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Optimize

If you don’t see a training in your city, you’re not necessarily out of luck. Are you in a city with a growing tech scene? Want us to come to your city for training? Partner with us to bring a cohosted, in-person training right to your doorstep. This means we’ll work with you on the details and lean on you for help with the location and/or training commitments.

We’ve successfully cohosted with our clients in the past and are excited to extend this opportunity to the public. The best part is that we handle all aspects of training as we normally would, and our partners get to attend training for no cost in exchange for their venue. Pretty simple, huh? Let us know if you’re interested, we’d love to talk!

Private/Custom Training

Courses OfferedGoogle Analytics, AdWords, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Optimize, Custom.

Looking to provide training for a large group of people? Are you already traveling to the same city for an event like an annual conference? Our private or custom training option is a more tailored approach where we bring our trainer knowledge and create a program specifically for your team or event!

You save on travel and expenses and you get more say over the topics covered. Don’t want Ecommerce? No problem. Need us to double-down on Cross-Domain Tracking? We’ll roll our sleeves up and get to work.

Training & Consulting

Courses OfferedGoogle Analytics, AdWords, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Optimize, Custom.

Education is behind everything we do at Bounteous. One of the perks of working with a national leader in digital marketing training is that we include teaching in all of our work with clients. Talk with us about how to bake in a more formal educational component into our typical consulting projects, whether that’s covering core concepts to get your team up to speed or bringing the gang together for a high-level strategy session and roadmapping. Training can come in at any point, during the beginning stages of a project or at a specific point in an implementation project.

As you take a look at professional development for your organization – consider how many employees need to learn and what areas you need to focus on. Bounteous has several ways to match your training needs.