Giving Back To The Community


May 14, 2018
Giving Back To The Community

A Ton of Rice

Literally. Last week, Bounteous San Francisco partnered with a team from Salesforce to bag over 2,000 lbs of rice at the SF Marin Food Bank. That’s two hundred 100 lb bags that had to be lugged, sliced open, scooped into 1 lb bags, weighed, sealed, labelled and packaged 15 to a box!

Each Bounteous employee played an important role: Laura was the scooper par excellence, as she managed to scoop exactly 1 lb of rice into a bag (it’s harder than it looks), not once, but 6 times! Leela and Paul also managed the feat once each. Chris was the scale master. Marc and Nicola were speedy box makers. The rest of us alternated stations, refilling rice bins, sealing and labelling bags, and cleaning.

Did you know that not only are there hair nets, but there are beard nets too? Oh yes…

It was a great team volunteer outing and we hope to continue doing some more volunteer work later this year, in both the SF and Denver offices!

It was a small effort on our part, but it made a big difference to the SF Marin Food Bank as they rely heavily on volunteers to operate. If you are interested in donating your time to this cause, please check out the SF Marin Food Bank website at