My Final Blog Post ‑ By Robbin Steif

May 29, 2018

Fourteen years ago – unemployed, and in the midst of the Internet Winter – I founded LunaMetrics. I started it out of my home and wrote the business plan on a napkin at a suburban Pittsburgh coffee shop. On Thursday, this journey ends for me.

On a scale of 0-10, where 0 is “fired and escorted out of the building by security,” and 10 is “left entirely on her own accord on wonderful terms,” my departure is an eleven. Here are three reasons:

  1. I’m not just leaving — I sold the company. ICYMI, I worked on this sale for years. The deal was unique and the outcome exceptional. Six months later, and I still can’t believe how well we “fit” with HS2 Solutions.
  2. I’m leaving LunaMetrics in the hands of HS2, as well as our senior team members here in Pittsburgh. Together, they are some of the most wonderful people I have ever known. I have no doubt they will face the future boldly; they will work hard to serve customers well; they will grow and grow the company.
  3. I’m ready for this! Maybe a little nervous, but still … I’m looking forward to some of the exciting things coming up in my life (starting with my daughter’s wedding in June).

So what’s not to love?

I rated my departure an eleven, but that doesn’t necessarily make it easy. I have learned so much here. It was LunaMetrics (and specifically, our first office manager) who taught me how to let go and not try to control. It was LunaMetrics (and specifically, our executive coach) who taught me how to do employee development and also how gratifying that work can be. It was LunaMetrics that made me a rarity among my cohort – my kids call *me* and ask technical questions. (“Mom, the wedding website is broken. Did we lose all the items in the registry?”)

I will miss so many things. The wonderful team I helped create. Our awesome culture. Slack. Milkshake Happy Hours. LunaLympics. Lunchalytics. LunaVersity. Working with Google (and especially, our awesome channel rep, Izzy). Murals on all the walls. Meeting-while-walking. An accounting department where everyone counts. Scavenger hunts. Exceeding budgeted revenue yet again. A sales department where everyone breaks arms and legs as often as I do.

For years I have said, “Create a workplace that people will love”. It’s no surprise that I, too, love LunaMetrics, and am going to miss it terribly. I can’t wait to watch the next season of The LunaMetrics Story.

To our team, to our customers, to Google, and even to our competitors: thank you. May your data be unbroken, and your charts forever be up and to the right.

Editor’s note: This is Robbin’s final blog post on the LunaMetrics blog during her tenure at LunaMetrics, now Bounteous, which has included roles as founder, owner, CEO, and president. Since she founded the company in 2004, Robbin has written over 375 blog posts between 2005-2018. Read more about her time at Bounteous, the acquisition, and more in her recent interview.